Hey, Lady! Aren’t You A Little Big For That Swing?

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So life has been a bit rocky lately. I’ve got a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind. I have been overwhelmed and tired. I had rented a beautiful, fabulous, much coveted,  24-70mm L series lens, for a wedding in June…and have since, extended my rental period, twice, in hopes of having some time to use it for something unwork-related, but to no avail. So, yesterday, when I found myself at the park, with my kids, right in the middle of the golden hour, I was so thankful I had decided to throw my camera in the car.

sophia swing copy

What is it about swings that are just so…..so…. awesome? I totally could have used a turn myself, but there were only two on the whole playground. Somehow, I just didn’t think it would be looked upon favorably if I were to shove some little kids out of my way to sit my butt on one. I suppose I could have stood there and loudly counted to 100, like in elementary school. Remember that? Or I could have used my longer legs and cat-like reflexes (snort) to beat them to it, and yelled, “Tap, tap! My swing!” Come on, it would have been a lesson in sharing….and respecting your elders. Kids have short attention spans anyway. They would have just moved on to the slide and been fine, right? Man, why didn’t I think of all of this yesterday? Sheesh.

matthew swing copy

Look at that… The sun in your face, feeling like you are flying……wood chips stuck in your hair…..Seriously, whose idea was it to put wood chips at playgrounds? Kids throw them, kids eat them, they get inside your shoes, they stick to your socks. Yuck. But I digress.

sophia swing2 copy

Would you look at this boy? Just exactly who gave him permission to grow up, I mean, really? He is practically a teenager. Hey, yeah….and teenagers don’t need turns on the swing….Hey boy! Get off my swing!

matthew swing2 copy

My daughter has such a interesting expression in this next shot….what could she be thinking about? The meaning of life? The Theory of Relativity? Um, neither, actually. That expression is the result of a lunatic mother, repeatedly telling her to look at the camera, wondering why she continues to look over my shoulder……all the while, I am completely oblivious to the little boy, who has managed get himself stuck straddling the outside of the tunnel slide, and is screeching for his dad to come rescue him. Um, ok, so it takes a special kind of…erm…focus…….to be completely unaware of a shrieking child…but in all fairness, by this point in my motherhood, I have learned to tune out almost all noise that isn’t one of my kids in danger. It is self-preservation. And…and…..you should have seen the light….The sun behind her hair….sigh……

Okay, so I don’t imagine anyone will be lining up to have me take their kids to the park anytime soon…..But I am ok with that…that means the swings are all mine. 🙂

sophia swing4 copy

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One thought on “Hey, Lady! Aren’t You A Little Big For That Swing?”

  1. That first picture is sick. In a good way. I’m thinking 16×24. And of course, the vintage is perfect. I dig this Melodee post. It makes me laugh and cry and all that.

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