special needs

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, and a person that is on the spectrum myself, I understand the challenges that families dealing with special needs may face. Every family deserves beautiful family photos. I know that the thought of a photo session may seem overwhelming and out of reach when you are dealing with challenges that can make even ordinary things more difficult. I also know that with extra time, patience, and understanding, getting photos of your child is not only possible, but can be done without causing undue stress on you or your child. I will never force your child to pose or make eye contact with my camera. I understand that breaks may be necessary, and always allow for as much time as is needed, without rushing or looking at the clock. I have experience photographing families with a wide variety of challenges, and I am not only committed to providing you with photos you will cherish, but also to making the experience of being photographed attainable and enjoyable for every family.

I’d love to talk more about photographing your unique and amazing family, send me a message here.

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