Soooo? Who’s Up for a Free Summer Session? CONTEST!!!

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So summer is in full swing. Time for flip flops, running through the sprinklers, and sitting on the curb eating ice cream from the ice cream man. Ahhh, summer, right? Thing is, I haven’t been feeling it. I just haven’t. Summer hasn’t ever really been my favorite season. I hate being hot…I’m just not really big on sweating, what can I say? But! I am ready to change my ways and embrace the summer with open arms (anyone else hear Journey? Just me then? Ok.). Where was I? Oh yeah, embracing summer in all of its sweltering, sweaty glory. That’s where you come in.

I am ready to do an awesome, fun, super cool summer session. For free! A full length session with a keepsake dvd slideshow set to music, and your finished images on cd to print and share to your little heart’s content.

So, if you are interested in something like that, here is what you need to do…
Convince me, and my panel of celebrity judges*, that your session would offer up the most summer fun. This could be because you have an awesome location in mind, it could be because your family is super fantabulous and up for anything, or it could be because you are not above bribing me with chocolate. Whatever works.

To enter, simply write up a little description of why you are the coolest, and leave a blog comment or send me an email. Feel free to add pictures. I do love pictures.
The contest will be open for entries until midnight on Friday, July 24. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 27.
So, get writing!

*OK, so it will not actually be a panel of celebrity judges per se….but I will have help with this decision…and I bet they like chocolate too…just saying….

Fine Print
This contest is for one full length photo session and all that goes with it…A dvd slideshow of finished images set to music, and a cd of finished images. As this is a summer contest, the session must be scheduled and completed by September 20, 2009. Scheduling, is, of course, subject to my availability. The session will be on-location anywhere in Orange, Riverside, LA, and San Diego Counties. While this contest is open to individuals, couples, families, BFF’s, etc., I request that it be limited to 6 people maximum.
We cool?

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One thought on “Soooo? Who’s Up for a Free Summer Session? CONTEST!!!”

  1. I am, I am! Let’s change the travel rules! Then you can come out here, give me a free session, shoot a wedding with me (for free), and rub my feet. Now that, that right there is a plan! 🙂

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