Twenty, Twenty, Twenty-four Hours to Goooooo…..

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I wanna’ be sedated!!!! Ok, not really….well, maybe a little…more on that later 🙂 But, it is true…there are just about 24 hours left to get your entries in for the free summer session. I have loved reading all of the entries so far, and know my panel of judges will too. Several of you even promised chocolate…which makes me glad that I am not the only one choosing the winner. I would be doing a lot of free sessions.

So, with all of the fun and chocolate I am being promised, what could leave me in need of sedation? Well, the day before I shot this lovely wedding…I injured my finger…by…closing it in a window….myself. Ahem. So, yeah it hurt, but I taped it up and went on with things. Well, it never really got better, in fact it got worse. Did you know that it is still possible to bend a broken finger? No, neither did I. So, now I am starting into week two of 4-6 weeks of keeping it “immobilized”……that means splints and tape….and complaining. I mean, have you ever tried to type with a splint on? Come on. Never mind how much it slows down my editing time. Did I mention it was on my right hand? So lame. So self-inflicted. 🙂

So for those of you with sessions in the next couple of weeks…no worries…..I can still hold a camera. I just may need you to push the shutter button for me. Kidding! Totally kidding. I’m fine, really….please pass the vicodin. No, no, no. I mean it, I am fine.

So get those last minute entries finished….contest closes Friday, July 24, at midnight. The winner will be announced here on Monday! Wooo!

I leave you with a shot I took of my kids…that only took me 45 years to edit, with my gimp finger. 🙂

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One thought on “Twenty, Twenty, Twenty-four Hours to Goooooo…..”

  1. Can I leave my entry here? I hope so, cause I don’t think I have your email (hoping it’s no where in bold sight as I’d feel pretty lame in that case).
    Why I should win!
    1. We’d love to see you! And I KNOW Jason would love to see Nick. We could make a day of it and treat you to dinner!
    2. Besides that, um…we’ve been on support and haven’t been able to afford the luxury of amazing photos?
    3. Or…I may or may not have recently lost 50lbs after doing 12-steps for food addiction (true story!) and must capture it on film while it lasts.
    4. We are most likely done having kids and sure would be incredible to have some great pictures while they’re this small (5 mo. & 2 years)
    5. We’re up for anything! Any location, any trial!
    6. We’ll smile and pretend to be having a blast even if our kids are melting down and make them do the same. : )
    7. Last but not least- My eyes filled with tears when I saw the Lamphear’s photos. I made all the guys (Jason, Aaron, Buzzy) get off the couch and come watch the whole DVD (they loved it too).
    8. Lindt chocolate.

    Ok, that’s it. Thanks for letting me rant and enter here in the comment section!

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