Sneak Peek – Darby is Nine Months Old!


You may remember Darby from her 3 month session and her 6 month session. Well, even though it seems impossible that it was six months ago that I got to meet her…it’s true. This weekend was her 9 month session. She has been busy over the past few months too. For starters, she got herself some teeth. She is hiding them behind the cool new trick she learned to do with her lip…but they are in there.

darby9 1 copy

She also figured out how to pull herself up on the furniture…

darby storyboard

And was pretty darn pleased with herself…

darby9 7 copy

And would you look at this??

darby9 13 copy

darby storyboard 2

But! The very coolest thing? Well, I was told that Darby had been working up to crawling, but hadn’t quite done it yet. Well, she must have been saving it for the camera, because, all of a sudden, off she went, like she had been doing it forever. She crawled for the very first time while I was there! Funny thing is…while you can’t see it in this image, she is crawling to…a bottle of beer. 🙂 Mom suggested it, and she was right…it totally worked. There’s a little tip you never see in the parenting books, right there. Best part? Dad went to get a bottle of beer, and came back with a Bud Light (I think)….and mom exclaims, “No! Not that one! Get a good one for the pictures!” What did it end up being, Brenda and Neil? Guinness?*

darby9 3 copy

Grandma was visiting for this session. 🙂

darby9 6 copy

darby9 5 copy

darby9 2 copy

darby9 18 copy

darby9 19 copy

I am really excited to see Darby for our next session. One year old? Holy moly.

And! Don’t forget! The winner of the contest for the free summer session will be announced tomorrow. My panel of judges is reviewing the entries this very moment….Well, maybe not this very moment, since it is actually 4 AM….but they have been, and will continue to until they come up with a winner…and I am hoping they are basing their decision on the amount of chocolate promised. 🙂

* No alcohol was consumed in the capturing of these images. Especially not by Darby… don’t go getting your panties in a bunch, ok? Ok.

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Darby is Nine Months Old!”

  1. Nick says:

    Beautiful Melodee….You really captured the moments, moments that will last forever. I like the side by side images, but they all are really nice. Nicely done.

  2. Ha! Panties! Bunch! I get it. Um, hel-lo? 3rd image down? Like best image ever. I would like to eat her face. But good way. Dipped in butter. These are teasures for this family.

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