We Have a Winner!!!

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Ok, so I may have said the winner of the free Summer Session contest would be posted here in the morning…..but anyone who knows me, knows that my concept of “morning” is quite a bit different than the average person. Even still 5:00 is a bit of a stretch. 🙂

It was not an easy decision, especially since I have had the pleasure of working with almost all of the entries in the past. So, I did what anyone in my position would do….I had someone else choose. 🙂 And you thought I was kidding about that panel of judges, didn’t you? Now, why don’t I just quit my yammering and tell you who won?

I am guessing that the first thing to catch the judges eye about this entry was…location, location, location. I mean, look……




But location only goes so far. Ultimately, Pamela won the judges over with her description of why she wanted the session.

It all started when we became parents… a long time ago!  At the time my husband was a Coast Guard helicopter pilot and I was a newly “retired” dental assistant.  We both enjoyed our jobs ( even though one of worked in a dental office all day)  … But  when we became parents after being married for years- we just savored this new job!  This was the job of All jobs!  We had these two little sweet sisters 2 1/2 years apart and they made our life so lovely and fun! .. We have been parents saying to people..”  yes,really, we love two teenager daughters in the house!”  and we really did!!  Any way, now that our oldest daughter got married and our youngest daughter is in college we thought it is time to change up the focus and so my husband and I took up  a new sport, new to both of us….hiking!   We are hooked !!!  Why hiking you ask?   It is so much easier than golf!  it is time spent in the beauty of nature.  And most of all it is time well spent together.  I always tell my families at work, “not to forget who they came to prepared childbirth class with!”    Well, I am grateful to say now that we are finished parenting- we still remember who we went to Lamaze class with and love each other!   We hike a great trail up at Mt Baldy called Icehouse canyon-  I have attached some photos from yesterdays hike.  Really a pretty place for photography (  we hope our attire and poor photographic skills wont influence the judges in a negative way!)… If we win we will certainly buy cooler hiking clothes… and a smaller hat 🙂

One more reason we are entering this contest is to “mark this season” of our life together- Yes Summer is fun… but we are now looking forward to our Autumn as well.  … 🙂

So, there you go. Thank you everyone for participating. It really was a tough decision.  And congratulations, Pamela! I’ll email you, and  we’ll get your session all scheduled. I’ll get my hiking shoes!

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One thought on “We Have a Winner!!!”

  1. Boy your celebrity judges must be smart. And really beautiful. And extremely fun. And talented. Because only someone that great would know to pick these fabulous people. 🙂

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