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the one about not stabbing people with forks, if at all possible

Charlie has a happy place. It’s in his chair, with his “little guy” blanket, an ipad, and a snack. He can sit there for quite awhile, contently scrolling through his youtube videos and apps, and covering my ipad with crumbs. He asks to “sit chair”……it […]

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13 years

Today, my husband and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. That seems like a pretty decent amount of time to me. I suppose there are people that have many more years than that on us, but it’s over a decade, so I am giving us […]

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those left behind

  I was watching a movie with my daughter last night, and it got me thinking about heroes. There is a reason that we love movies with super heroes…….because heroes always come out on top. Good always wins. When there is danger, and it seems […]


best friends and bumps in the road

My daughter’s friend, Madalynn, will be leaving for the summer. The whole summer. That is a long time for an adult, but it is like a million years to a kid….maybe even a zillion. Madalynn also happens to be our neighbor, which means going from […]

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Kid, You’ll Move Mountains….

My baby turned 8 today. Eight. We let her stay up until midnight to welcome in her birthday. She loves to celebrate everything. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day…..everything…… she is in full, pulling out all of the stops, party mode. At 11:55 she […]

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Happy Easter

Spending the weekend doing Easter-y things. Realized that, in her 7.9 years on this earth, my daughter had never dyed Easter eggs. We decided to remedy that. There will also be egg hunting, food that involves minimal effort on my part, and a hike, where […]

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