Details and Danger

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A couple of weeks ago, I shot a wedding, with possibly the happiest, most joyful, most excited bride I have ever seen. Because of the nature of the groom’s new job, I am not able to share any images of the bride and groom, but I did want to share a few of the details. Oooh, that makes his job sound so dangerous and mysterious, doesn’t it? Secret agent? Government spy? Celebrity? I want a job that makes me mysterious and cool like that too. Somehow mom/photographer just doesn’t have much intrigue attached to it. Oh well. It works for me, though. Besides, I would make a horrible spy….although I do wear a lot of black. Do real spies even wear black, or is that just in the movies?

Um…ok…rambling……what was my point here? Oh yeah…the details. 🙂

capps2 copy

capps3 copy

capps4 copy

capps5 copy

The wedding was so fun. The families were awesome. One of my favorite moments? The bride’s father pulled out a mandolin and sang “You Are My Sunshine” for his daughter. Awwww. It makes me sound like such a girl, and I hate that……but I just love weddings. So maybe being a photographer doesn’t have all of the danger and adventure of being a spy…but spies don’t get to watch an excited bride peek into the church as she waits for the ceremony to start….or get a shot of a younger sister hugging her older sister, and jumping up and down, squealing…”you are gettting maarrriiiiieeeeddd!!!!”  So, I guess being a photogrpaher has its perks too. And it is not completely without danger. I mean, I did have to haul myself up onto a ledge and balance precariously, without breaking myself or my camera, to get a shot of the guests outside of the church. I mean, that is some secret agent level skill and risk taking there, right? Right?  Heck yeah, it is. Psssh, so don’t be surprised if I show up at my next session with night vision goggles and a utility belt. Danger is my new middle name, baby.

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One thought on “Details and Danger”

  1. Paula Benites says:

    Hi Melodee,
    I agree! It was a wonderful wedding!!! There was soo much love there!!! I liked hearing the groom tap his own glass repeatingly, so as to kiss his bride! We are so looking forward to seeing more photos! These are sure cool!Thanks so much!
    Love, The aunt
    (I thought “the aunt” sounds somewhat mysterious)

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