Easter in the Trailer Park

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So…how was everyone’s Easter? I know I mentioned sharing a bit about my Easter in one of my last blog posts, and since I am turning over a new blogging leaf, I am going to deliver.

Sooooo, my mom lives in a mobile home park…to be pronounced Mo-Bile…with a long “i”.. 🙂 And not just any mobile home park, no…..a senior mobile home park. My mom? Not a senior. She is only 52. See?


Okay, so we went to the senior mobile home park for lunch, Easter Sunday.

This is my husband, enjoying Easter…..


This is my son, enjoying Easter….


And this? This is how my daughter enjoys Easter. 🙂


If you have ever been in a mobile home park, then you are familiar with all of the …um….lawn ornamentation…that makes its home there. In fact, I think I may take a day, and just go take some time to capture it all. Stay tuned for that. But, on this particular day…I found something grazing?…roosting?…..in my mom’s yard.


Oh, how it pains me to share that. Is a resin 5 point buck so far in her future? Perhaps a lawn jockey?

Okay, so this is where this story takes an even more white trash (can I say that?) turn. My mother-in-law was leaving, and apparently discovered something she couldn’t live without, by the dumpster. By. The. Dumpster.

Yes, my mother, and my mother-in-law, took my kids dumpster diving on Easter. And did I mention my son was wearing a flamingo hat at the time?? Look…..


Yeah, um…I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want me to take her picture….


Here are some of the treasures they just couldn’t live without. Actually, it was the table that went with these ugly lovely chairs they were after. My MIL wants to refinish it for her store …which will be expanding very soon.


So, yeah….how white trash is my family? I do want to state, for the record, that I had no part in fishing anything out of the trash. Okay, they may have coerced me into carrying one chair, but that was it! Then I came to my senses. So, while they hauled their crap to the drive way, via golf cart….I decided to let my husband try to get a nice picture or two of me. As the photographer in the family, I realized, that there is not a shot of me to be found. And now I know why. Look at this fiasco…..


This was my runway model walk, Lord, help me.



I have a horrible time getting my picture taken….so I feel for all of my clients who come to our photo sessions a wee bit camera shy. I have deleted more images of myself than I can even count. But I am making a conscious effort to make sure that for every family event, I get at least one shot of myself that I don’t absolutely despise. And…if I may get serious here, just for minute… the thing I hear over and over from people….women….is this…..Oh, I would love to get my family’s pictures taken…but not until I lose ten pounds. Or…I wouldn’t mind having some pictures of the kids…but none of me. And that makes me sad. And then I realized that I do it too. As women, we are so hard on ourselves. We see flaws that no one else sees. We need to remember that there are people who love us, and think we are beautiful, just as we are….and that is who the images are really for. Okay…putting away my soapbox. I am just planning on making an effort to get my face on the other side of the camera every once in awhile, and I hope that you all do too.

So there it is….my white trash Easter and a crappy mini-motivational talk. Maybe I should just stick to the sneak peeks. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Easter in the Trailer Park”

  1. spiffylala says:

    OMG!! A little clarification pleeease. The pink flamingos were Papaw’s, though I must admit I have grown quite fond of them. We did not dumpster dive, (well not Easter, the encyclopedias , well that’s another story) the table and chairs were right BESIDE the dumpster, in the same place I got my coffee table 🙂 I think you should be proud of your Momma, I recycle. That stuff could have ended up in a landfill! Mmmm, the golf cart, isn’t it the same one you decorated complete with the bubble machine on top and rode in for the 4th of July parade? By the way, what are you sniffing in that first pic of you? Could it be a LOAD – OF – CRAP ?!? That’s right honey, you’re not white trash 🙂

  2. That was hilarious! Coming from a white trash family, I feel your pain. 😉 Excellent speech on your soap box!

  3. Amy Holmes says:

    Melodee – you are too funny! Matt and I were cracking up!!! The kids loved the pics too, but didn’t quite get what was so funny. We’ll talk to you soon!

  4. This is the best post I have read in a while. I do hope that with Mother’s Day coming up there will be a part 2. 🙂 Hi to beautiful Mama. 🙂

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