Family Photo Session – Temecula

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Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This is Vinny. Vinny is three years old, which means, this next shot was probably the only moment he was not moving around for our entire session. 🙂


And this is Alex. 🙂


Alex spent a lot of our session like this……


Ahhh, brotherly love.

Sometimes love hurts. 🙂


But everyone knows that mama can fix it. Mamas can fix anything.


Victoria, thank you for waiting so patiently for your sneak peek. My schedule this week just kind of had me buried….but for some reason, I think you may know what that’s like. 😉


Victoria’s husband is a Navy Seal. How cool is that??? My husband was very impressed. Being a Navy Seal is kind of his dream job. Yeah…um….never give up on your dreams, honey. Hey! It could still happen. 🙂

Thank you for a fun session Victoria, Vinny, and Alex!

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One thought on “Family Photo Session – Temecula”

  1. Okay….I am loving your b&w–feels like you did something different, but more than that I want to see that last one in b&w!! How fun would that be??? I LOVE THAT LAST ONE SO MUCH, I WOULD MARRY IT!!! 🙂

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