Darby is 6 Months Old!

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This weekend, I got to visit with Darby, and her parents, for her 6 month session. You may remember this sweet face and little bald head from her 3 month session.

Last time we did this, I was not exactly Darby’s favorite person in the whole world….but this time, she was a bit more tolerant.



At six months old, she has totally got this sitting thing down cold.


The last time I looked at myself this closely in a mirror, it gave me a complex. Now I avoid doing this at all costs……but, if you are this cute…I can see how it may be entertaining.


Oh, Miss Darby, it was a pleasure seeing you again. Thank you for putting up with me this time. I will see you in 3 months. šŸ™‚


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2 thoughts on “Darby is 6 Months Old!”

  1. What an adorable baby. Congrats. to all of you – parents, grandma, uncle. Thanks so much for sending pictures. Ann

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