Family Photo Session – Temecula


This weekend, I had a session with Jenny, Harley, and Olivia. When Jenny talked about the location she was thinking of, I was definitely intrigued. A field, off a dirt road, with an abandoned little village. How could I not want to check that out? And! They were bringing along their 5 month old bloodhound puppy, Dixie.  How awesome is that?

I decided to go a little seventies vintage on some of  the post processing. The images just seemed to ask for it.  And anyone who knows me, knows my love for this type of look…I have to restrain myself, to not edit every image I take this way. 🙂

This is Harley, Olivia. Jenny…and of course Dixie.


Putting a flower in her mom’s hair. 🙂



Look at that face! She had a pretty good idea of what kind of “poses” she wanted for her shots. I was not about to argue. 🙂 And she was one awesome little dancer….but you will have to wait to see that….oh, yeah…did I mention that this was a photo and VIDEO session? Stay tuned to see more of Olivia dancing up a storm.


I wanted to grab a few shots of Jenny and Harley alone. Harley was a little apprehensive about the whole kissing on command, and in front of two cameras thing, but ….I think it all worked out nicely.


I have more I want to share about this session, because….that abandoned village? Yeah…waay creepy. But, I still haven’t even finished blogging about this session. I know, I am such a tease. I’m trying to do better, I swear.

Plus, I wanted to share some of my white trash Easter with you. Something I am sure I will regret, but that’s kind of just how I operate. Over share….then live with the regret. Hey, it works for me. So, um…yeah….I sort of, kind of, maybe promise to get this stuff on my blog this week.

Jenny, Harley, and Olivia…thank you for a fun….but a little creepy…but mostly fun session!

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2 thoughts on “Family Photo Session – Temecula”

  1. Janis McClure says:

    OMG I cant belive how much my little grandbaby has grown. The pictures are awesome and I cant wait to see more! Ms. Olivia is a SUPERSTAR!

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