Family Photo Session – Camp Pendleton

Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This weekend, I had an awesome time with Christie and her family. I have more I want to share about this session in the next day or so, but for now…a little sneak peek.






Thank you all for a super fun session.  More to come….

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3 thoughts on “Family Photo Session – Camp Pendleton”

  1. Man, you are like the offical OpLove photog. 🙂 Gorgeous, of course. I even like the feet one. And you know how I feel about feet. 🙂

  2. Amy Holmes says:

    I love these! They are beautiful! I loved the feet one too – so sweet. Can’t wait to hear/see more!

  3. Ooooohh…the footprints one!!! Yes. Photos with emotion are the best. And that little girl is beautiful!

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