jim & june – murrieta photo session

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Love and Marriage, mini sessions

This is Jim and June. This weekend we walked around in one of my favorite little parks….and not one of us stepped in dog poo….which…can be a pretty big accomplishment for this particular park. Jim and June are pretty awesome. June is a therapist. She has just been granted a certification that only 32 therapists in the entire state of CA have. See? Awesome. Jim teaches tenth grade English….which makes him brave and awesome. I asked him his favorite thing to teach, and he said Shakespeare. He could not have given me a better answer….well, maybe Poe. The Cask of Amontillado creeps me out. If you haven’t read it, you should. And the rest of Poe’s stuff, too. And all of Shakespeare. And read it in a fancy voice in your head…it sounds better that way. Maybe Jim can teach me correct comma usage. I am a comma abuser. And a frequent ellipse abuser as well (…). In fact, Jim probably has a red pen hovering over this blog post right now. Side note: I had an English teacher in high school that also taught psychology. She did not use red pen to correct our papers, as she thought the red had a harsh, punitive feel. She used purple pen. Then she ripped your writing to shreds with that. Yeah, the purple pen did not make it not suck, but thanks for the useless gesture, lady. Jim…do not correct papers in purple pen. It is useless. I promise.

Before the session, June had said something about not being photogenic. Um, yeah..OK, June. Whatever you say. πŸ™‚

Ok, so…these images were taken during what was supposed to be one of my black and white mini sessions. Yeah, they are not all black and white. That is because I am a rebel! A rule breaker! I hate rules so much, I even break my own! You don’t get more renegade than that. I’m a loose cannon.

Jim and June, it was a pleasure to hang out with you. I hope to see you again….maybe at the next homecoming. πŸ™‚

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