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This crazy, little taking pictures thing has caused me to cross paths with several people that I have known for longer than I care to think about. People that knew me before I realized there was such a thing as eyebrow plucking, and during the unfortunate period of time that I spent with my hair dyed black. Ok, so technically, it was facebook, and not photography that allowed us to bump into each other again…..but….the photography thing followed. It is kind of weird to be taking pictures of someone that I went to high school with, let alone their KIDS. Kids? SUV’s? Mortgages? I mean, that can’t be right, can it? But then, there they are, on my computer monitor. I have the folder of images marked with their name to prove it. And at the session, we talked about kids activities and crown moulding….when, I swear I should be asking when the English paper is due. I will refrain from mentioning exactly how many years it has been since I went to school with you, Jennifer… long as you promise to keep all of my embarrassing teenage style choices quiet. 🙂

I have some games that I like to have kids play during sessions. Paisley was excited to play the game…albeit, in her own way. I mean, what kind of game isn’t better with a little face grabbing? It takes skill to keep smiling with two toddler fists shoved into your mouth.

Kellie is a pretty awesome big sister, from what I can tell. Paisley is one lucky little sister.

This ladybug was well loved for a few short minutes…..but I am not entirely certain she survived the experience. Well, maybe when Kellie opened her clenched hand to put her down, she was just resting…..on her back…..with her little legs curled in. Ladybugs need naps, right? This is not the first time I have had ladybug casualties at a session either. How much carnage can I leave behind before I get a reputation as the ladybug murdering photographer?


I totally had to force Jennifer and Ara to act like they loved each other… you can see, it was a real stretch for them. Not believable at all. 🙂

Jennifer and Ara are just a couple of months away from adding a new baby boy into this mix. He is definitely not going to have to worry about not getting enough attention. 🙂

It was nice seeing you again, and meeting your family, Jennifer. Thank you so much for allowing me to make you sit on wet grass, get tackled, and get punched in the face, and then forcing you to make out with your husband in a park. 🙂

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One thought on “family photo session – ladera ranch”

  1. Candy Carlberg says:


    Love the pictures. Tell Ara Happy Birthday. We share the same birth date only 28 years in age.

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