From Now On, I Am Hiring a Professional

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This weekend, I got this wonderful idea that I needed to take my family to a cool place and take some new family pictures…..myself. Because that always works so well. And pictures of all four of us? Self-timer, of course. Riiiiiiight. I spent the evening deciding what I could tolerate seeing myself wearing…..and of course, ended up in jeans and a black shirt…sigh. I forced good hygiene on my son….temporarily, anyway. I had the perfect location picked, cameras ready, tripod in hand. But by the time we got into the car, I quickly realized that it was too late. We were running out of light. We would never make it to my cool spot. In fact, we either took some pictures right now, or not at all. I voted not at all. And I was grumbling about all the effort of getting everyone ready for nothing. Actually doing something with my hair, aside from a ponytail….for nothing. My husband was looking for an alternative location, so we could stop and take them anyway. He found a park. A park. After all of my preaching to clients about thinking outside the box, skipping the park, and finding creative session locations…..he wanted to take our family pictures in the park. I got even grumblier. He then, inexplicably, parked four thousand miles away, and as I dragged my camera bag from the car, I left grumbly in the dust, and moved into full bitch mode. Yes, I can be pretty awful, from time to time….which, I am sure comes as a big shock to everyone. Ha.

We entered the park, and I was a total butt head. This will never work. We don’t have time. It is ugly here. The light sucks. Can you just imagine how fun it is to be married to me? I halfheartedly snapped a few shots, and, of course, hated them all. And I was nice enough to hate them out loud. My husband suggested we just keep walking and look around. At the end of the park, we found this ugly cinder block wall. but…….

Ok, so that was kind of fun. Not exactly the family photos I was hoping for, but….maybe I could try to at least grab a few shots, right?

This next series was completely unprovoked…..because she is awesome.

And by this time, it was pretty dark, but, despite the grainy mess….I am still glad to have these images.

These next shots were taken by Sophie, which is why they are a little up the nose…..but I still like them. And, of course, our funny faces are amazingly attractive.

By the time we left the park, to go to dinner, the sky looked like this…..

And I got to see it, because my husband has the patience of a saint. He puts up with my complaining and my inflexibility, and never gets overly ruffled when I act like a Krabby Patty. Now, if we could only do something about his inability to park anywhere within the same zip code of where we needed to be, we would be in business. 🙂

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