Welcome, Lia

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I have been lucky enough to photograph this family a few times. Well, they just added another member to their family…..With  a daughter as sweet and smart as their first little girl, I can see why they would want more. 🙂

Meet Lia….

Ailah is not really big on the hugging and touching and kissing thing with her new sister. In fact, I was told that the very brief moments she interacted with her during the session, were the most she had touched her since she came home. And, FYI…asking….”where is the baby’s nose?” is perfectly acceptable….but..there is never, ever going to be a good outcome if you ask…”where is the baby’s eye?”  Mari, Ailah’s mom, realized this, and avoided asking….but…that didn’t stop Ailah from pointing them out anyway. Both of them. She just wanted to make sure she fulfilled her sisterly duties regarding Lia’s education. 🙂

Indigo is a great ad libber. You should have heard him improvise through all of the scary and hard to understand parts of the Peter Pan book. I especially liked……”because Peter Pan liked Wendy….as a friend.” 🙂


Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph another happy moment in your lives, Mari and Indigo.




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One thought on “Welcome, Lia”

  1. Mari says:

    What can I say… I LOVE the slide show and the photos! Seeing my family together like this almost made me tear up, since I know that the “next” family session I will ask you to do (sorry… already planning!!) won’t be until Indigo comes back from his next deployment. Thanks for capturing such tender moments….

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