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Meet Ivy. Ivy was born less than two weeks ago, and yet she already has more hair than either of my kids had on their one year birthday. And every hair is in its place, too. Not exactly sure how someone that spends the majority of their time sleeping manages to avoid bed head….I take a 20 minute nap, and I wake up looking like I stuck my head in a blender….but look at her.

Ivy is a pretty lucky girl, because aside from great hair, she also has a pretty awesome big brother and big sister. They kind of like her….which is a pretty good thing, as far as siblings go. I think after 7 years, my son has finally worked up to tolerate, as far as his sister is concerned. Lord knows how long it will take to achieve like. When she was ten days old, I am sure he would have stuffed her in the donate box, had he thought of it. Ivy has got it made. Sweet, big sister, Emma, was helping mom dress Ivy…and not even like that scary, two-year-old trying to help, but damn near dislocating a shoulder, or gouging out an eye in the process, kind of help…..she was gentle! and careful!

For half of the session, I could not stop referring to Ivy as Emma. Now, I am horrible with names, but not that horrible. I realized that it was because, in the two previous sessions I have done for this family, Emma was the baby. Allow me to illustrate……

On the left, is the last time I saw Emma, last year. On the right, is from this weekend. Holy moly, dude.  Almost makes me want to start singing Sunrise, Sunset in sympathy for her parents. But that would be creepy. I would never do that. Out loud. Again.

I don’t have a big brother, but if I did, I would want one that was this nice to me. And I want to make it clear that this sweet moment was totally unprovoked. He really looked at her like that, on his own…and really took her little hand and kissed it, just because he wanted to. It was so sweet that it managed to break through the hard, crusty exterior of my grumpy,  jaded, little heart. That sounded way grosser than I intended it to. It was cute is all I’m saying. Like little, pink kitten nose cute….Like little, howling puppy cute. Ok, I think you get it.

Aside from being a great big brother, Ethan is also a pretty impressive photographer. Last session, I gave him one of my cameras, and had him help me shoot some of the session. He was nice enough to help me out again, so look for some of his images on here soon.

This session also had the added bonus of having their Mama and Papa visiting….

I think I may have mentioned before, that any time clients have me do multiple sessions for them, it is a great feeling. Like a Sally Field…”They like me. They really like me”…..kind of feeling. Super cool. It makes my day. Sean and Joyce, thank you for allowing me to photograph your family again.

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4 thoughts on “Babies are Cool”

  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing what a great looking family! Glad I am related. Love you guys!!

  2. Betty Kuehfuss says:

    Sean and Joyce – You guys are by far the nicest looking family by far (except for mine, of course.) Ivy is so lucky to have been born with two wonderful parents and siblings. I’m so happy for all of you.

    Hope to see you soon.

    and Eric too

  3. Heather Brecht says:

    Hey my sweet Joyce!!! Ivy is just as beautiful as I imagined. I have been dying to hear from you guys or see you. Miss you and the kids like crazy!!! Well you did another great job girlie, you guys have truly completed your beautiful family. Ivy is just perfect. Hopefully see you all soon. Love Heather Brecht and the boys.

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