The One About the Poo and the Killer Gopher

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Hard to tell from the images that this session ended in a traumatic, poo-filled incident….but it did. Oh, did it ever. And not only was there the poo incident, but there was very nearly a vicious gopher attack. It’s true. Those things can be very blood thirsty. Thank goodness there was a park ranger, to warn us of their ferocity, or who knows what would have happened. I can’t promise animal droppings and near death experiences for all of my sessions, just for a select few. Just ask for the I Am Never Going To Wear These Shoes Again package.

This family is one of my favorites to photograph. The kids humor me, and laugh at my dancing…which is rare and appreciated. And they are up for almost anything I suggest…see above paragraph.

Matt and Amy..thank you for letting me photograph your family, once again. Sorry about the poo….and the gophers…and the bug bite….and the falling off the log….and the pokey sticker bushes……ahem.


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