Cute Baby Slideshows…Now With More OCD

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I spent, literally, no less than six hours…probably more like 8….trying to find the perfect song for this slideshow. I tend to do that. I also tend to frantically email or text my friend, Lynsey, and ask for song help. She suggested this Uncle Kracker song about 30 minutes into my song search. I thought it worked well with the images, but I usually go with stuff that is a little less mainstream. I just knew there was the perfect indie song out there. I just knew it. Pssh. Yeah. So…for the next two days, I spent an amazingly ridiculous amount of time scouring rhapsody and itunes…..listening to practically every song ever written…..only to come right back to freaking Uncle Kracker. No, it is not all indie or obscure, but it fits, right? Dude, if you don’t think so, please do not tell me…..I have just gotten my stress induced eye twitch to subside. I can not go there again. So, yeah. I tend to have some slight OCD tendencies. Tiny. Small. Microscopic. (Quiet, Lynsey, I can hear you laughing from here.) But the slideshow is done….and it has a cute baby in it…and other cute kids, too….so there is that. From now on, everyone’s slideshow is getting an Uncle Kracker song. It could give me hours of free time back….or…..probably just hours to obsess over something new. Does my logo look crooked to you??………

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