Aubrey – Newborn Session

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That pretty, little head belongs to Aubrey. She was just about 4 weeks old when these were taken…and…it is kind of cool, because I first met her family, for a family session, when her mama had just found out she was pregnant with her. And now she is here….all born and stuff….and well…ok, well, I just think that is kind of cool, ok? Like the….”hey! I photographed you when you were the size of a grain of rice!”…..kind of cool. Or something.

Although she is sleeping peacefully in that last shot, she spent most of the session…not quite as content. She had better things to do than get her picture taken, and was not really loving the disruption. I get that. Oh, do I get that. I am not big on disruptions either. It is not appropriate for me to cry and scream when I am disrupted, though…..or so I have been told. Enjoy it while you can, Aubrey. 🙂

This is Jake. Jake is an awesome big brother. Aubrey is one lucky little girl. Aside from being a fantastic brother, Jake is also becoming quite the expert fisherman. Next time you see him, ask him how big the last fish he caught was. He already knows how to tell a good fish story. 🙂

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