Welcome, Tate Andrew – Newborn Session

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This is Tate. He is exceptionally cute, don’t you think? Of course, I may be a little biased….Tate belongs to my cousin Andrew, and his wife, Juliann. I was in Arizona this weekend to meet the newest addition to their family. I drove 6 hours for this session, and didn’t even charge them my travel fee. See? I can be nice sometimes. I just don’t want people to get too used to it. 🙂

Tate is just as cute with his eyes open.

This is my cousin, Andrew. We used to play GI Joe and Legos together. Now he is a dad. Of three. That seems like it will be keeping him pretty busy….I wonder if I can have his Legos.

Juliann, looking beautiful, as always. She was more put together just days after having a baby, than I am on any given day, right now.  I would be more annoyed by that, if she weren’t so sweet. 🙂

Tate is not the only cute kid Andrew and Juliann have….. Just look at Shiloh and Ryder. (Yes, they are all wearing AC/DC shirts)

Andrew and Juliann, it was awesome seeing you all, and meeting Tate. Thank you for letting me hang out with you guys. May there be many synchronized naps in your immediate future. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Welcome, Tate Andrew – Newborn Session”

  1. Deborah Pfingston says:

    These are awesome!!! I love every single one!!!! And I have the Legos in my closet. You can come play with them whenever you want. Love you – Aunt Deborah

  2. That last one might be my favorite family shot, like, ever. Any family in ACDC for family pictures must be cool…..or at least cool enough to hang with you.

  3. Debra Carnes says:

    Juliann, Andrew & Family,

    Thank you so much for sending these beautiful family photos…..What a beautiful family. I will send them on to Chet and Nick. Nick will especially love the ACDC shirts.
    Much love to you ALL. Juliann you are as beautiful as the day of your wedding. Andrew,,, ‘Rock on Daddy’.
    Live Big-

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