Lourdes – Maternity session

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Does that look like a woman that is only two days away from her due date? Look at her hair…her makeup…her smile. I am fairly certain that I looked like a gigantic, angry hobo two days before my due date. In fact, I know I did, because my baby shower was just 6 days before my daughter was born, and that is when the only picture of me during my entire pregnancy was taken…..against my will. And I was in nowhere near as nice of a mood as Lourdes.

So, she was actually due yesterday……And as much as I want Jorge and Lourdes to see this sneak peek, I am hoping that they are at the hospital, meeting their new baby boy. And I can not wait to meet him myself, when I see them all together in a few weeks. So excited.

Do you see that sweet little boy? The last time I saw him, he looked like this…

He is still just as cute, and is going to be an awesome big brother.

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