Notes Girls Write is a book!

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So, I wasn’t exactly sitting around doing nothing in the little break I took from sessions. Some of you may be familiar with the photo essay project that I have been working on with Lynsey Peterson, for the last year, called Notes Girls Write. Well…..Notes Girls Write is now a BOOK! Getting it into book format was not the easiest task on the planet….making a book is hard work? Who knew? 🙂 But…it is done…it is available for sale, and it is entered in a photobook contest. Wheeeee!It is full of amazing girls, of all ages, that have been gracious enough to share a piece of themselves for the project. There are not only images, but back stories for many of the notes, as well. I am so, so proud of it, and I am very excited to be able to share it with you. The book can be seen, in it’s entirety, online, by clicking on the widget below. It will only be available that way for a limited time, so go check it out now. If you would like to purchase a copy, there is a link to do so in the book preview. Notes Girls Write is still an on-going project, so if you think you would like to share a note, please send me an email.

I also have a little favor to ask. Part of the contest that we are in, is the People’s Choice award. The winner is the book that has received the most votes, by..well…..the people, of course. And the people, is YOU. So, I would be ever so grateful, if you would take a minute to register and vote for the Notes Girls Write book. It is not the easiest process ever, but it is not too bad. If you go to the link for our book, and then click on the “Vote for this book” button, it will ask you to provide an email address. They will then ask you to verify your email address by clicking the link in an email that they send you. A bit of a pain, I know, but relatively quick, and it keeps the competition fair. They just want to make sure you are a REAL person, casting a REAL vote. So, if you like the project, and you like the book, your vote would be awesome.

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