Julie – Family Photo Session – Corona

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Before I took my little break, there were some sessions that didn’t get shared, which means I get to share them now, on the fancy new blog. It was only two days from the time Julie first contacted me until the day we did their session. It was just by stroke of luck that she emailed me right before my daughter’s birthday, and I had made sure not to book anything that weekend, but we ended up celebrating a different day. That meant Julie had less than two days to figure out the number one issue that clients ask me about…..What should we wear? Julie was the first to take my What to Wear Guide for a test run. She said it was very helpful. Woo hoo….which reminds me…I have to redo the guide with the new double scoop logo. I have kind of a long list of those little details to take care of. Whose dumb idea was this name change, anyway? 🙂

I think Julie did a wonderful job of picking what to wear for the session…I mean, look at those shoes. They almost made me betray my loyalty to my beloved Converse. Almost.

After a little bit of shooting at our first location, Hailey was just not feeling it. So, we headed to the park. Hard not to smile and have fun while swinging and sliding and climbing on the monkey bars. Plus, there may have been lollipops. I love swings and lollipops.

So..yeah….it has been a little while since I have blogged a session, so I am little rusty, but I think I covered everything I needed to cover. Um…cute shoes….swings…lollipops….yep…that ought to do it.  Thanks for a fun session guys….wishing you a quick and easy labor, Julie….one filled with lollipops and swings…ok..so, maybe not the swings. 🙂

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