Op:Love Pre-Deployment – Tyler

Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This weekend I did a session for Tyler and Sophia and their family. It was one of those things that I almost didn’t do….You know the ones…..
too busy….too short notice…..no time……no one to watch my two crazies. Tyler contacted me about doing a session with his family before he deployed on Tuesday…he was deploying on Saturday. 🙂 I was just about to send him an email telling him that there was just no way I could get it done before he left…but then, I thought….Really? Can I really not make this work? Am I really going to tell this man, who devotes his life to protecting my country, that I couldn’t find a few hours to take pictures of his family before he left them for months?? Lame, right? So we worked it out…and I am so glad that I did. I was having like, the crappiest of crap days ever. I am talking Crap. Py. I was all grumbly and on edge all day. I was ready to crawl in bed and tell the world to suck it.  (Can I say that here? Oh wait, it’s my blog…..Yes. Yes, I say I can.) So I packed up and headed off to the session, and it was all humid. Bleh. I hate humidity. My hair hates humidity. So, I looked like poo and I felt like poo…but I was there and ready to go. And you know what? Almost as soon as I met his family, the whole bad day thing? I forgot all about it.  And I know that right about now, some people (::cough::Lynsey::cough:: 🙂 )  are probably rolling their eyes at my sappiness, but it is the absolute truth. I left that session feeling better…and I realized how absolutely lucky I am to have this as my job. So the next time I am up to my ears in editing to finish, and I wonder why I never say no……I will remember this. And the next time someone asks me why I am killing myself with all of the free sessions….I will remember this. Because any job that can take a day that is suckish and turn it around like that…well, it kind of rocks….well….that, and the fact that I can wear jeans and converse to work every day or even work in my pj’s….that is a pretty big selling point too.

So here are some images from the session that turned my day around with a bonus slideshow at the end….

tyler1 copy

tyler25 copy

This is Elise. She was such a pro at this whole getting her picture taken thing. She needs an agent. She could do cartwheels and flips and pose like nobody’s business, and was so not impressed with my bad jokes or my extensive knowledge of all things Disney Channel. I’m pretty sure I was just some crazy lady with frizzy hair and a camera to her. Did I mention I hate humidity? She gave me several looks of pity and a few courtesy chuckles, but I was able to get the upper hand again…oh yeah, I was…..

tyler23 copy

Want to know how to completely gross out a 7 year old? Tell her parents to kiss. 🙂

tyler24 copy

tyler18 copy

tyler14 copy

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7 thoughts on “Op:Love Pre-Deployment – Tyler”

  1. I would never roll my eyes. 🙂 I put on a good show, but I am a softy. 🙂 And these are beautiful. Made only more lovely by your voice. I missed that. 🙂

  2. These are so beautiful! What a blessing you were to this family, Im sure they are so grateful for them and will be for years to come!

  3. Melissa Pickar says:

    Again…so impressed and loving your eye for capturing the true love in all your subjects!

  4. Sandra Crouch says:

    Melodee, these pictures are GORGEOUS! What a blessing you have given this family. I know they will treasure these photos the rest of their lives.

    (I worked at The Sheepfold with your Mom and saw her post on Facebook.) 🙂

  5. Wow, cant see through the tears…had to come back and watch the slideshow. These are so beautiful…and these OPLove shoots have a whole know meaning for me…you really do have a gift of capturing pure love and joy!

  6. These are so beautiful! What a blessing you were to this family, Im sure they are so grateful for them and will be for years to come!…

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