How Could I Ever Forget This One?

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I put this on facebook and completely forgot to put it here. I am such a blog neglector (apparently, neglector is not a word. Psssh, whatever spell checker. I disagree). Maybe if my blog had farms and Mafias, like facebook, it wouldn’t be so easy to forget about. I can’t send people sheep and M16’s on my blog. Hmm, at least not yet…..

So, a couple of weeks ago, I got to shoot the homecoming for a man that I had done a deployed session for. I had already gotten to meet his beautiful wife, baby girl, sweet mom, and very energetic dog, so I was pretty excited for this one.

The scary part is…I almost missed it! Argh. Curse you AT&T and your crappy reception. If I didn’t love my iphone so much, you would be dead to me. Dead to me! Hrmph.

But with a little luck…and maybe some breaking of the speed limit…..I made it! Woo hoo!

This is Mari and baby Ailah waiting for daddy.

indigo1 copy

Woo hoo!

indigo12 copy

Ailah was a little overwhelmed by the whole situation. But there was a ton of people, a lot of commotion, and two big, loud buses.

indigo13 copy

indigo15 copy

indigo19 copy

As soon as the commotion died down, she was fine. 🙂

indigo29 copy

But! The homecoming wasn’t over yet…Friends and family were gathered at Indigo’s house to welcome him home.

indigo39 copy

And so was Sammie. 🙂

indigo43 copy

They hugged, said a prayer, had some cupcakes, and then disappeared… one wanted to be the third, or fifth…or 27th wheel.

indigo54 safe

Welcome home, Indigo!!!

indigo64 safe

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3 thoughts on “How Could I Ever Forget This One?”

  1. For the millionth time… THANK YOU… for being there snapping photos of our homecoming! It was SUCH a blessing to have you there!!!

  2. These are so beautiful! Every time you do these you just blow me away! What special moments for this sweet family!

  3. I will deny this if it ever gets brought up again, but this gave me chills, woman. You know what I think about this, but damn if you weren’t so good at these sessions! 🙂 PS What song is this?

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