The Great Snake Smackdown

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So I promised to talk about the snake in that last blog post, didn’t I? Well, gather ’round, people, because, boy, have I got a story for you…

Ok….so there we were…just walking along the trail, chatting about kids and life…when Pamela, who was leading the way, came to a sudden stop. Her keen instincts had detected danger! She quickly alerted us to what she had spotted. A snake! On the trail! A RATTLE snake! A BIG one! And he was angry! Oh yeah he was. The hissing! The spitting! The rattling! (are you buying any of this?)

So after, Pamela, The Amazing Snake Spotter, saved us from wandering straight into his evil clutches, Rick, The Snake Whisperer, stepped in to help. They tried to reason with him…he wanted no part of it. He was one tough reptile. He refused to budge from the path, holding us, and the unsuspecting hikers behind us, prisoner. It was time to step it up a notch. It was a matter of life and death. No surly serpent was going to ruin our hike! It was on!

Needless to say, a vicious battle ensued. The snake put up quite a fight, but Pamela and Rick were victorious…and I lived to tell the tale. I also managed to grab a quick shot of the action…….


That was taken right before Pamela yanked him off of her and tied him into knots, while Rick cheered her on. Then Rick finished him off with his handy snake huntin’ knife. Oh yeah, it was crazy. I am just glad to be alive.

So, um..yeah….that’s pretty much how it happened. Ahem.

Or…maybe….just maybe…..

A decent sized rattle snake could have been sunning himself on the path. Pamela could have spotted him. And Rick could have encouraged him to move off of the trail so we could pass. And he could have looked more like this….

snake! 2


Yeah, I suppose it could have been like that….but I think I kind of like my version better.  🙂

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One thought on “The Great Snake Smackdown”

  1. Dude, either one of those stories is terrifying. Snakes! On a photo shoot! Once again proving that you have the most dangeous job on the planet and that you are a slave to your art. You will stop at nothing for yous shot. 🙂

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