Sneak Peek! Now With 50% More Naturey Goodness!

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This is Rick and Pamela. Rick and Pamela were the winners of my Summer Fun Session Contest.

cappshike1 copy
This weekend, I got to do a session here……it’s ok to be jealous. I would be jealous too….well, if it weren’t me who got to shoot the session there. But it was. Oh yeah, it totally was. Don’t hate me because my locations have greenery, in the middle of August…..and waterfalls….and  mountain paths.

cappshike4 copy

Oh, and sequoia trees…..did I mention the sequoia trees?

cappshike6 copy

cappshike20 copy

cappshike23 copy

cappshike25 copy

So, Pamela was not only nice enough to take a shot of me, but she let me borrow her fancy hiking pole so I look really official. And yes…my hair is hot pink…did I not mention that? Oh yeah….my hair? It’s pink. Thanks, Jen!

me hiking 3

I look all happy and smiley in this shot, don’t I? You probably can’t even tell that I backed into some stinging nettle, or that we had a run in with a rattle snake, can you? Wait…did I say rattlesnake? Oh yes…yes, I did. More on that to come. Yep, this is a two part blog post.

So this is the part where I get to say To Be Continued…

Oooh, don’t you just hate that? I hate waiting. So, to help out, here is a bonus slideshow to help pass the time until the post about Snake Smackdown 2009 is ready. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Sneak Peek! Now With 50% More Naturey Goodness!”

  1. DUDE! This is SO them…..and I don’t even know them. I really picked so well for the contest, didn’t I. Say it…say I picked so perfect. 🙂

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