Op:Love – Pre-Deployment Session – Temecula

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Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This weekend, I got to spend some time discussing Transformers with Kyle and Brandon. Getting to talk about giant alien robots kind of makes for a pretty cool session, in my opinion. What does it say about me that my favorite Transformers are Decepticons? Don’t answer that. Maybe it is just too cliche for me to like Optimus Prime, like everyone else. Although…laser rifle? Dude…that is pretty cool. Any kids (or really cool adults) out there, who would like to bring your Transformers action figures to a session with me…I am totally ok with that. Just saying.

Ok, ok…back to Kyle and Brandon….Their dad, Ryan, is in the Navy, and will be deploying soon. Their, mom, Shelley, emailed me to see about doing a session for them through, Op:Love. Then we had a month or so of the most sketchy email exchanges. I didn’t get half of hers, and she didn’t get half of mine. Thanks a lot, gmail. Um, so, yeah…if you have emailed me, and didn’t hear back…gmail may have eaten it. Sorry.

So, it was a pretty relaxed session…we hung out at the park…and thankfully, it wasn’t a million trillion degrees outside, like it has been…and I think they even got ice cream after. Which makes me a little jealous…..I really love ice cream….and also? I really love taking pictures of kids and ice cream….So…anyone who would like to include getting ice cream at any future session? I am totally ok with that too. Just saying.

Ok, on to the images….

This is Kyle (top) and Brandon (bottom)…Yes, they are twins.

shelley3 copy

shelley11 copy blog

shelley12 copy

shelley34 copy blog

shelley20 copy

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One thought on “Op:Love – Pre-Deployment Session – Temecula”

  1. This is my new fav OpLove session. That top one is killer, but 4 down makes me giggle. And I don’t giggle. Mom and Dad will treasure these for their lifetime. šŸ™‚

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