This is the Sneak Peek that is Responsible for Controlling My Split Ends


I have been pretty excited to do this session. It has been a long time coming. This lovely lady is responsible for keeping my hair from being a complete disaster. That new short hair I have going? Totally her handiwork. She has repaired the self-mutilation I caused when trying to trim my own bangs, without even laughing….and this weekend, she is going to pretty up my hair in a way I am really, really excited about. I can’t wait. Woo.

So, Jen is mama to Sami. Sami has amazing blue eyes and an enormous amount of energy. She kept me on the move for sure. Although, I did manage to hold her attention with my top secret, patent pending, animal game. Not many kids can resist the animal game. 🙂

I have been sitting here, staring at my computer monitor, trying to come up with something clever to say to go with this sneak peek, and I’ve got nothing. Big shock, I know. So, because I know that Jen has waited very patiently for this sneak peek….I am just going to skip it. I know you are all crushed…..but try to be strong. So, after only minimal blabbering from me, meet Jen and Sami…….

jen2 copy

jen4 copy

jen9 copy

jen11 copy

jen23 copy

jen26 copy

jen32 copy

jen18 copy

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2 thoughts on “This is the Sneak Peek that is Responsible for Controlling My Split Ends”

  1. Holy cow, these are adorable. 🙂 4th down is my fav–super cute. Are you getting a mohawk. because you could totally rock a mohawk. 🙂

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