Beating the Heat

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My kids and I have started back on our normal homeschool schedule this week, but that didn’t stop them from trying to squeeze every last bit of fun they could into this summer. It has been about a billion degrees around here lately, making the normal bike riding, hide and seek, running around screaming stuff they do with the other kids on our street nearly impossible. When it was still too hot to play at 5:00, we knew we needed a plan B. I learned that if you set up a sprinkler on your front lawn…especially an erupting volcano sprinkler……within seconds, 11 children in swimsuits will appear, seemingly out of nowhere. But who can blame them? It was so hot, I even considered running through that bad boy.

Hopefully everyone else is enjoying summer as much as my little delinquents. I, personally, am ready for fall. Jeans, long sleeves, the ability to walk from my house to my car without melting. It is supposed to be 94 degrees here tomorrow. I think the kids may have to fight me for that sprinkler.

Don’t forget about the mini-session fundraiser for 4 R Kids Sake. There are still sessions available…at least for now!

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One thought on “Beating the Heat”

  1. I have no doubt that you were out there in the middle of the night hooking up a slippy slide to that thing and don’t act like you were not. 🙂

    If I lived anywhere close to that heat pit that you call home, I would totally be all about a mini session. Or maybe a whole session. 🙂

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