Doing Something About the Deficiency of Cute Babies Around Here


So I’ve got this blog here, and I want to update it regularly, but it is different from my personal blog (where I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind), and I’m having trouble finding my groove. But it is a blog for my photography business,…hey!…you wanna’ see some of the sessions I’ve done this summer? I know, you’re probably like…”um, yeah Melodee, what else would you put on the blog for your photography business? Duh.” Alright, alright. Sometimes it just takes me a minute, that’s all. So the session for today was an awesome family, done at their home.

First of all, would you look at this face? She’s got good looks and the ability to accessorize.

In the few times I have had the pleasure of seeing this little girl, she has always been smiling and happy. I’m sure that is in large part to these two…..

As we were going through the session, I stopped to encourage them to just try to relax and be themselves. As soon as I said this, they threw some Frank Sinatra and Elvis in the cd player and danced around their living room together. Yeah, it was kind of adorable. And it worked. It is a lot easier to forget there is a woman stalking you with a camera when you are having such a good time.

This shot is actually one of my favorites from the session, and I think that is because it summed up this family so well. This little girl is the center of their whole world. I could just see how in awe they were of this little person, every minute I was with them. It was nice.

They were such a fun family to work with. I mean, Elvis, come on. Anyone who loves the King has got to be pretty cool. Fun fact….when I was 18, I got my first tattoo….it was on my lower back…it said “Elvis”. No joke. Would I lie to you? I say was on my lower back, because it is no longer there. Well, it is there…somwhere under the tattoo I got to cover it six years ago. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Doing Something About the Deficiency of Cute Babies Around Here”

  1. melissa lanthier says:

    Thank you so very much you know our family well. Thank you for everything we have told all our friends about what a great job you did. We are so happy with everything. Thank you for such a cute blog about our little family we can’t wait to have you back. We will for sure use you as our next little one comes. We hope to get PG in January. Some friends have asked if you do head shots for portfolios. I have given your name and # but not sure if you do that. Thank you again for everything we are so grateful for you.

    P.S. My family was blown away with the books that we gave out, thank you for the speedy turn-around.

  2. In my humble opinion :), that 3rd one is probably the best photo you have ever taken–at least that I have seen. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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