Dignity? Pssh…Dignity is Overrated

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Sometimes, when people know you are a photographer, they ask you to take pictures of some pretty strange things. Sometimes, even when you really want to say no, you hear the words, “sure, I can do that,” coming out of your mouth. And then sometimes, you find yourself eye to eye…or lens to eye..with a dog in a tutu. Oh, yes…you read that right.

She was quite the professional. Sat like a champ…and just look at this pose….

You may not be able to tell in the picture, but the wind was totally blowing her ears like a supermodel. And if that is not enough, just check out these eyelashes…..

Need a tutu for your dog? Call Spiffylala’s. Need pictures of your dog in a tutu? Call me. I won’t think you are crazy….much.

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