the one about people in love being super gross

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Ever hang out with two people so in love that they make you want to puke? No, but like, in a good way…..mostly. I spent the day with a couple that is in love in the best/worst way. My lovely friend, Lyric, recently got engaged to a guy that has managed to win her heart in a big way. Mr. Nace Neubauer has somehow also managed to make it past the very high bar I set for human beings that date people I care about. I even like him. Most of the time. Unless he is arguing with me about how long it takes to get to my own house. Because, really? But when they did arrive at my house, the first time I met him, they watched my kids for a few hours and he made a homemade pie. A pie! Well, sort of. I’m not really a baking person. He had to make pie from things he could find in our kitchen. Like Macgyver. But with pastry. That’s the day the casserpie was born. It hasn’t really taken off yet, but it will. So, he babysits, and bakes, and takes all of the crap I dish out to him, but most importantly, he loves my friend. He loves her with the kind of big, crazy love that everyone should have in their life. And he should. Because she is awesome. She believes there is still magic and wonder in this world, and that people are good, and that love conquers all. Soooo, pretty much the antithesis of me. I may go all Eeyore on her glitter and unicorns sometimes, but I hope she knows that I have her fairy-winged back, no matter what. These two are getting married in 25 days. Lots of life changes have happened for them in the last year.  Some wonderful, some not. It was cool to be able to document them in some of the good ones. In their new apartment, as they get ready to start making their two stories into one shared together. Lyric and Nace you guys are super gross, but I love you anyway.

Check out their full session video at the bottom of this post.

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