family photo session – anaheim hills


Another session with someone I went to high school with. Kind of doing the whole high school reunion thing, one person at a time. Which is weird, because I would rather stick a hot spork in my eye than actually attend my high school reunions. Maybe even go to a week long, perpetual baby shower…with games. Have chicken pox with mittens taped over my hands. Have a root canal with no medication…..I guess you get the idea.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like getting to go for a walk on a cool trail with a super nice girl, that I just so happened to go to the same government funded torture learning facility with. And I got to hang out with her awesome family, too.

This is Haven and Joey. They are both five…and yes, they are this cute in person, too. I mean, would you look at his jacket and tie? And her hair and that flower?

This is Haven, with her daddy, Phil. I think she kind of likes him. I think he may like her a little, too.

Brothers and sisters that not only get along, but actually like each other, are always a constant source of amazement for me. I mean, I know they are out there, but my kids work hard to make me forget that such things exist. But look at these two….hugging even! It would take a lot of cash to get my kids to hug each other like that. 🙂

Jeni and Phil….you have a beautiful family…which, I know is due, in large part, to the fact that you guys are pretty phenomenal, yourselves. I totally used the thesaurus for that. I just could not keep using the word awesome. According to my thesaurus, you two are also….marvelous, spectacular, stupendous, fantastic, and the cat’s meow. 🙂  Seriously……You two have been through so much and have still come through it all, loving each other and loving life. And that is pretty nifty (thank you, thesaurus).

It was so nice hanging out with you all. Thanks again for giving me a new, beautiful place to add to my list of session locations. One that is just overflowing with giant sticks to use as swords, plenty of perfect rocks for throwing, and flowers for picking. I will be going back for sure.

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2 thoughts on “family photo session – anaheim hills”

  1. Jeni Wozniak says:

    Thanks so much Mel! You did an amazing job! We will forever cherish them! Love ya friend!!!

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