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Today we had a little party for my daughter’s 6th birthday. Nothing too big….we lived that nightmare last year. Just 7 little girls, some pizza, some glitter, and a whooooole lot of sugar. Did I mention the sugar? Like.. a lot? Yeah…I loaded them all up with as much sugar as I could cram into their little bodies, and then…when they started bouncing off of the walls…I sent them home. Woo. Their parents must love me.

My daughter is 6…well….not yet, actually. Her actual birthday is tomorrow……And with the way she is speeding through this whole growing up thing, I am going to hang onto to this last day of her five-ness. Especially after she came into my bathroom this morning, while getting  herself ready for her party, asking for some makeup to cover her “bags” under her eyes. Um….what? And also…Um, no. Sorry, Little Girl. Not yet. There will be plenty of time for that.

So, here are the mandatory, proud Mama birthday shots.

sophia is 6 3 copy

sophia is 6 copy

I let all of the girls make their own ice cream sundaes. Sounds good, right? Yeah….except that most of them ended up looking a little something like this…..

sophia is 6 2 copy

Gag. That is about 10 different kinds of sprinkles, Oreos, M’n’M’s, gummi bears, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and whipped cream. Enough to make most people laspe into a a nice diabetic coma. Take a good look at this before you agree to send your kids to my house.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet”

  1. I hope she had a wonderful Birthday! And thanks for sharing your mom with us…even though it was short, it was great seeing her! We love you guys!!!

  2. I would totally send my kids to your house. And I would totally eat that bowl of mush too. Oh yeah, and……MY WORD COULD SHE LOOK ANYMORE LIKE YOU???? It’s freaky. 🙂 Happy Birthday sweet Sophie. 🙂

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