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the woman in love with the sea

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A year or so ago, I was editing some images, at 2 am, as usual, listening to music. I heard a song that stuck with me, and I began playing it on repeat. As I did, a story started weaving itself in my head. I saw it as a sort of dark fairy tale. The story of a woman in love with The Sea. She collects the treasures that he leaves at her feet, and weaves them into her hair and wears them around her neck. She visits him each day, completely consumed by her desire to be with him, letting everything else fall away. She is beautiful and well-positioned in society, and could have most anything she wants in life, but for her, that is to be with her love. Eventually, she can’t bear to be apart from him, leaves her old life behind, and walks into the sea. Of course, in my mind, I saw castles and rocky cliffs. I blame a terrible, terrible CW network show I got sucked into on Netflix. Ahem. Anyway, it took us a year to make it happen, but Lyric Everly agreed to be my beautiful, yet slightly mad woman that walks into the freezing sea. And it wasn’t just conceptually freezing. We shot these at sunrise, in April. It was legitimately cold. Too cold to go wandering into the ocean in a slinky gown, anyway. In my head, I saw this as a beautiful, cinematic video. Buuuuuut, that’s not what I do. So I tried my best to tell the story in my head with pictures. Thank you to Lyric, for nearly getting hypothermia, and to my daughter, Sophie, for assisting.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot, but the video has many more to tell the story.

The song in the video is “Cannonball” by The Sweeplings.















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