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So, remember that day when I gotten bitten by a blind, elderly wiener dog, and then immediately went and had a wisdom tooth removed without being put under (big mistake, by the way)? No? You mean I never told you about it? Of course I didn’t. Maybe because I spent the next three weeks with a face that looked like I was smuggling marbles, and lacked the ability to talk much (something my family probably really appreciated). Or maybe because I had to return to the dentist two more times to see what the hell had happened to my jaw (suffice it to say, the routine procedure did not go smoothly). Or maybe it is because no amount of pain killers could convince me that I had any business at all taking pictures of an event full of dogs (seriously, not in my skill set). Sadly, I learned that last part AFTER I was already there, being nibbled on by a dachshund that wanted exactly zero to do with me. I have photographed toddlers, military homecomings at 3 in the morning, and weddings with no second shooter, a few dogs should have been a cakewalk. Mmmmm, cake……….wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Dogs. Fast. Not as cooperative as you would think. Which was such a bummer, because I really wanted to nail these images. I wanted to get people to stop and look at them. I wanted them to tug at heartstrings. Why? Because the images were taken for an organization that does something awesome, and I wanted people to see these images and instantly want to help them continue to do what they do. The organization is the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and the program is called AniMeals. They work with Meals on Wheels and other organizations to deliver food for the four legged companions of the recipients of meals. This is important because pets are family. Pets are friends. Pets are important. It was discovered that the people that were receiving much-needed meals were sharing the meals with their pets, so that they would have enough to eat as well. So AniMeals makes sure that the prepared meals can go exactly where they are needed, but that the dogs and cats that bring such joy to their owners get enough to eat as well. Awesome, right? Which is why I really wanted my images from their event to be amazing. So, here we are. My images are not everything that I had hoped they would be, but AniMeals is all that I said it is.

If you think this program is as awesome as I do, and would like to help keep it going, this is from the AniMeals page on how you can help….

WE NEED FOOD!!!  Our program needs donations of all brands of dry and canned cat and dog food – unopened, unexpired and non-prescription.  We also need Ziploc Freezer quart and gallon bags for packing food up in weekly allotments.  You can help us by dropping off donations at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, at participating Petco locations, or at the Encinitas Vons.  If you have an office, school, church or temple group, Scout Troop, or charity organization that would like to lend a helping paw, you can even hold your own AniMeals pet food drive!  Pet food drives are highly successful and have a huge positive impact on our program!  Your donations will help us to continue our mission of keeping seniors with their pets without sacrifice!

If you don’t happen to be in the area, but would still like to help, here is the contact info…..

For more information about the AniMeals program, including donation locations and food drive guidance, please contact the AniMeals Supervisor at (858) 756-4117, ext. 341 or

This particular event that I photographed was in participation with The Angel’s Depot, which is another great organization to check out. They provide emergency meal boxes to seniors that need them in San Diego County.

*The adorable dachshund in these images? Totally unimpressed by me and the treats I tried to offer. So unimpressed, in fact, that he bit me. It was totally my fault, but it isn’t going to stop me from getting a tiny bit of payback by pointing out that he could totally have benefited from a breath mint. A tic tac. An altoid. Something. I guess not having opposable thumbs and access to a toothbrush will do that to you.

animeals3 copy

animeals9 copy

animeals14 copy

animeals15 copy

animeals7 copy

animeals4 copy

animeals16 copy

animeals21 copy

animeals2 copy

animeals6 copy


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