the one about desserts being delicious and not much else

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Today has been one of those days that just begs to be improved with ice cream…..or chocolate……or doughnuts. That is an amazingly healthy attitude to have, I know. It is also the reason that I will probably still be trying to lose this “baby weight” when I am 80. Whoever subscribes to the ridiculous notion that, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” is clearly eating all of the wrong foods….because tiramisu? brownies? cheesecake? Come on. My daughter has also taken up the hobby of baking, which means at any given time, she can be found filling the house with freshly baked cookies. I appreciate this quality in a housemate. Charlie also appreciates it. He had no problem at all picking up the word, “cookie!”….and he uses it often. Poor Charlie could have used a few cookies today, after having blood drawn, unexpectedly, at his doctor visit. To say that toddlers don’t enjoy having their blood drawn is probably an obvious and unnecessary understatement. He was a trooper, though, and he didn’t even want a band aid. I’m raising a bad ass. A bad ass that loves his fuzzy blanket. And, as always, his sister came through for him, having half of a delicious cookie waiting for him after his nap. His sister always comes through for him when it comes to treats. These pictures are Charlie enjoying a 70% cocoa dark chocolate square that he had liberated from his sister’s stash, like a chocolate ninja. My kids have very refined taste in chocolate, apparently. As for me, I liberated some mint and chip ice cream from the freezer…..and considering that I spent the entire day thinking it was Thursday, just to realize that it was actually only Wednesday, I have no regrets.



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One thought on “the one about desserts being delicious and not much else”

  1. Deborah Pfingston says:

    Gosh I love your writing – you must live in my head sometimes.

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