do they make ambien for babies? ~ ladera ranch – newborn session

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This was yet another newborn session where the star of the show refused to sleep. No amount of feeding, rocking, bouncing, pacifier-ing, or patting could keep this little guy asleep. I am beginning to think that babies find me suspicious. Like, if they slip off into slumber, I am going to start shoving their family’s valuables into my camera bag. Nothing could be farther from the truth, babies, I swear! Or maybe, they just sense that if they fall asleep that I will take pictures of them naked. I mean, now that I think about it, that is a valid concern. Would you go to sleep if you knew someone was going to be photographing you naked? Probably not. Good point, babies, good point. But babies are just as cute when they are awake, so we made it work.

This is Declan, and his proud parents Jennifer and Ara. His sisters Kellie and Paisley were not a part of the fun this time, but you can see them here. And Jennifer wrote a note for Notes Girls Write that you can read here.

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