trampolines are awesome, my dancing is not -family photo session ~ prescott, az

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This is another of the Arizona sessions. I navigated my way through this foreign land without the aid of my beloved GPS. I didn’t even get lost….until I got to their actual neighborhood. Had they been looking out the window, they probably would have seen me pass their house multiple times. I promise that I was just looking for an address and not casing the joint. This family has four funny (and very polite) kids. I like funny. I also like anyone that asks me to jump on a trampoline with them. I mean, who doesn’t like jumping on a trampoline? Maybe fish.

So…we smiled, and we jumped, and we sat by trees….erm, tree…….and we were all humiliated by a horrifying, disturbing dance that we all did. Ok, maybe that last bit was just me. It is horrifying and disturbing, as well as lacking in rhythm….and class….but it works, damn it. So if I need to take one for the team, I’m ok with that. Of course, they may need years of intensive therapy from the trauma, but hey, no system is perfect.

Krista and Andre, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Thanks for inviting me into your home…..and trampoline!


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