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I have been having the hardest time blogging lately…which is weird, because, usually I like hearing myself talk. Really, I do. I talk to myself all of the time. I talk while I am working. I talk while I am driving. I started blogging in 2005, under some delusion that the internet needed to hear me talk, too. Considering that I have the attention span of a fruit fly, it is amazing that I stuck with it…with a small hiatus or two….for as long as I have.

Lately, I have not had much to say. But I guess that is the beauty of this being a photography blog, right? I really don’t have to say anything. Just post the images. It just always feels so naked to me without words……even if, when written, it is stripped of all of the flailing, Italian hand gesturing, which everyone knows is completely crucial to getting your point across. 🙂

But I am pretty sure that the next sweet little guy and his family are enough all on their own……So, without any more unnecessary words…..Meet Ryan.



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