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There are many photographers out there, and just as many styles of photography….and everyone has a preference. Each time a new client contacts me about scheduling a session, I always make sure to ask if they have looked at my blog and website. I want to make sure that their vision for what their images and session will be, match up with the type of images I provide. I want them to see my blog, and say…”yes, I would love to have images like that of my family”. So, exactly what is the style of photography that I offer? Well, as far as labels go, the term “lifestyle photography”  is the one that fits what I do the best. Lifestyle photography, to me, is showing people, as they are…acting and interacting naturally, and in the most relaxed way possible. I want my images to show your personality, and not a stiff pose and forced smile. So..what exactly does that mean, as far as how a session goes? Well, for starters, I am not going to line you up and pose you awkwardly…but I will give subtle direction and a bit of prompting and coaching. Unlike the sessions, in portrait studios, that you may be used to, my sessions usually last, on average, an hour or so….allowing time for everyone to feel comfortable, and for me to get a variety of shots of your family. Still, I find that explaining never works quite as well as showing, so, at one of my last sessions, I also took some video footage, and put some of it together to show you a little sneak peek into what may happen at a session. Now, I am by no means a professional videographer, but I think it still gives an idea…Plus the main subject is cute, which should distract nicely from my questionable camera work. 🙂 You can see the images that came from that session here.

And with the holidays coming, people are all ready for family photos for their cards. I get asked all of the time if I can do sessions to get those images. I sure can. But….if you are looking for the matching sweaters in front of the fireplace, or everyone sitting, dressed in pristine clothing, and smiling toothpaste commercial smiles…..I am probably not going to be the photographer for you. But..if you think it would be your family’s thing to have your Christmas card photo look like any of these next shots, give me a call. 🙂

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