When Losing is Really Sorta, Kinda Like Winning. Just With Less Prize Money.

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Notes Girls Write, Personal

So, I mentioned that we entered Notes Girls Write into a book contest. Well, we got the results on Tuesday…and…we didn’t win. So….that was sad and suckish. More sad and suckish than I thought it would be, because I really did not expect to win. I thought I was completely mentally prepared. Ha. I should know from experience, that I am never fully mentally prepared for anything. 🙂

So, I wallowed a little….and it really was just a little…but only because I homeschool, and had to teach physical science to two very unenthusiastic students. That made wallowing a little difficult. But…I whimpered and moped a bit. And I had some Chipotle and some ice cream…and considered more ice cream, but sucked it up. I am sure my muffin top thanks me for that one.

Today, when I got dressed, I put on my “I’m a quitter!” t-shirt. Yes, I really have one. Over the last 24 hours, I had fully prepared myself to kiss this project goodbye. Then I read the messages and the comments and the emails that people sent me, telling me they were sorry we didn’t win, but what a cool project they thought it was. Then I read through some old messages from people that had been touched by the project or a note they had seen. Then I looked at some of the notes that were shared, that sit, in a stack,  in my office. And I realized something…this project was never even about this silly contest. This project came about because two girls were inspired by the power of words and images….and wanted to give all girls, of any age, a platform to share their story.

And as I read through the hundreds of notes that have been shared, it occurred to me, that this is no longer just Lynsey’s project or my project. This project belongs to all the girls that have opened themselves up and spoken their truth, and for those still hoping to share theirs as well. I am going to do whatever I need to do to keep this project moving forward, in whatever form that may be.

And I want to thank each and every one of you, that has been brave enough to put yourself out there, and believe in this project with us. I have met some amazing women, of all ages, in this last year, and while that may not be $12,500 in cash prizes, it is worth a whole hell of a lot. And I am so grateful. Although, it would have been nice to be typing how grateful I am on my new 17 inch Macbook Pro, purchased with my winnings, but, you know..whatever. 🙂

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