I am Sure My Camera Bag is Big Enough…

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Baby, Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This is Adeline. I tried to keep her after this session. And I am not in the market for any more kids, believe me. But if you would have met her…you would have probably tried to keep her too. She does a mean Hokey Pokey and likes Cheerios…..even when promised goldfish crackers, only to find there are none. Hate it when that happens. Goldfish crackers are pretty awesome.

This is Adeline with her mother, Catherine. I could write a whole lot about Catherine, but I already did that for the Notes Girls Write blog, because she wrote her own note for the project. It was taken the night before she deployed to Afghanistan for a year. And had to say goodbye to Adeline. You can see the note and read more about Catherine and Adeline here.

Ok…now see in the next image? She is all upside down and cute? Well, I am kind of responsible for that……um…well, not the cute…but…the upside down part. And I am afraid it may be a long time before her family is ever able to take any upright pictures of her again….I am basing this on the fact that, when I went back to shoot Catherine’s note image, that as soon as Adeline saw me with camera, she immediately turned herself upside down like this.

Here, I have video to prove it.

And, that voice you hear saying, “Say cheese!” is not me. I never do that. I am anti-cheese. Well, not cheese itself, I like cheese (especially in goldfish cracker form)…but…anti having your kids say cheese for pictures. (Which reminds me, I am about to start adding some posts with some tips for taking better pictures of your kids when you don’t happen to have a stranger with a camera following you around your house. Look for those to start next week.) But…considering how cute she looks saying cheese, how could I possibly object?

And while I have got you here, why not watch the full slideshow of Catherine and Adeline’s session?

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