How To Suck At Facebook

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Did you ever have one of those days where you are crabby, for no apparent reason? Just everything is annoying or rubs you the wrong way? No? Just me then? Well, today is one of those days for me. You know the worst place to go if you are having one of those days? Facebook. I mean, come on, admit it, there is no shortage of annoying people on facebook. Or maybe annoying status updates is more accurate. And before anyone starts thinking I am mean…I am positive that I have been plenty annoying on facebook, myself, from time to time (FarmVille updates come to mind). But I do work on keeping my annoying updates to a minimum. Vaguebooking is one of the biggest offenders for me. I mean, why even bother posting if it is just going to be something that makes sense to no one but you? Not every thought needs to be shared, people. Really. Unless you are going for the pathetic attention grab. There is always someone who falls for it. The well meaning friends, who never fail to ask, “What’s wrong, sweetie?” or, “Everything ok”. They are the reason the vaguebooking will never stop. Then there are the people who don’t even think twice about dumping all of the private drama of their lives out, in front of their 350 closest “friends”. Because that is always a great idea. Fired again for smoking pot in the breakroom. Missed my check in with my parole officer. Think I am going to get some tequila and drunk text my jerkhole ex tonight. Why doesn’t he love me anymore???? Why????

Of course, there are other offenders, but rather than me continuing my grumpy rant, I am going to direct you to this link, which covers it all better than I could anyway. How To Suck At Facebook

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One thought on “How To Suck At Facebook”

  1. Vauguebooking is the worst. I also worry that I am a spammer….”hey…tell me I’m awesome! Tell me my blog looks awesome!! Tell me this new picture of me in a flower crown is awesome!! Tell me it’s awesome that I got a new camera!!!”

    On another note, I feel like we need to start working more on blurry shots.

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