Sometimes a Frozen Butt is a Small Price to Pay

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Operation: Love ReUnited

If there is one thing I have learned with these Op:Love homecoming sessions, it is that, when working with the military, scheduled arrival times mean nothing.  This homecoming was a rough one. It went long past the time they were expected to arrive. It was cold. It was late. Nothing more sad than a sweet little boy rushing out to meet his daddy…only to have to wait in the cold for well over an hour longer. Poor Angilo. Tired and cold..trying to keep his little self warm with a hand warmer packet. 😦  But….it all ends up being worth it. In one moment, the cold, and the tired, and the long wait is forgotten….although, it did make me wish my car had a seat warmer. It took hours for my butt to return to normal temperature.

Welcome home, Anthony!

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