Maternity Photo Session – Temecula

Maternity, Operation: Love ReUnited

This last week has kind of been a sleepless haze for me. I have been trying to get this sneak peek up for days, but the short, needy people in my house have given up sleep. My daughter isn’t sleeping well because of a certain neon pink cast….which makes the wee hours of the night, which is the time I usually get all of my work done, keep-Sophia-from-having-a-whiny-exhausted-meltdown time. Fun. Only two more weeks until that stinky, dirty, uncomfortable thing is off, and hopefully, we all get some sleep. Did I mention her shrieking and complaining keeps my son awake too? And he sends me aggravated text messages at 3 am… “She’s calling you AGAIN!@!@!”
Now I am pretty good on very little sleep…always have been…but this is working me over. I have taken on a vampire schedule. Going to sleep at sunrise and sleeping all day. So frustrating. And almost impossible to get stuff done. But the good news is she seems to be getting better…and I may see daylight again soon.
But enough about me, me, me….
This is Leigh. Leigh, who had to wait too long for her sneak peek. Thank goodness I got some images up onto facebook for her right away, or I would feel like a total loser. Because waiting sucks. I hate waiting. And I am pretty sure Leigh hates waiting too. And she is already doing enough of that. Her husband is deployed…..and that involves a lot of waiting. But! He will be home for the holidays! And the birth of their baby girl! Which, at some point, will make all of the waiting worth it…..but that doesn’t make it not suck right now. Soon, Leigh. So close. 🙂

leigh1 copy

leigh3 copy

leigh4 copy

leigh7 copy

leigh13 copy

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2 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Session – Temecula”

  1. I really like the last picture. The lighting is perfect and it has a very “dreamy” (said in a very masculine tone) feel to it. It seems to capture the anticipation of his homecoming. Nice job.

  2. aawwww…..3 down is adorable. You never run out of ideas for these OpLove sessions, do you? I wish I had ideas. But luckily, I am able to just steal most of yours. 😉

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