Op:Love – McKinney Predeployment Family Session

Family, Operation: Love ReUnited

This weekend, I had the honor of shooting another session with Operation: Love ReUnited.

This is Gage. Gage is a twin, but his brother, Harlan, needed to stay a little longer in the NICU. šŸ˜¦


This is Gage’s dad, Harlan McKinney. He is an Army Airborne Ranger. He is on his way to another year long deployment. He had three weeks leave to see the birth of his sons and visit with his family.





This little cutie is Reagan. She loves marshmallows, and is an awesome photographer’s assistant.




This is Alicia. She is such a helpful big sister….even if it means occasionally being bitten. šŸ™‚



Remember that I mentioned Reagan being a good assistant? She helped take this next shot of her dad and her mom, Holly….and a couple of the grass and sky too…but I really think she nailed this one, don’t you?


Holly sews and makes hair accessories for kids. She is planning on starting a website and online store. My daughter will be very excited to relieve her of some merchandise.

With each session I do with Op:Love, I am reminded of the sacrifice that the men and women who serve our country make, along with their families, and I am so grateful.


Can you imagine having to leave a face like this for a year?


Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family Harlan and Holly. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. It would be an honor to photograph your homecoming. :)……If they’ll have me back. In the course of our session, I managed to give myself a papercut and fall off of a curb. Graceful, I am not.

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4 thoughts on “Op:Love – McKinney Predeployment Family Session”

  1. Wow! Now Im crying and you are just amazing! Really! These are going to be treasured by this sweet family Im sure!

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